Instalaciones de riego

In facilities Hightek recommend an automatic irrigation system, it is worthwhile for the following reasons:

1. You can program it to irrigate the exact day of the week you want and the time you want every time. For example, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 7 am to 7.30.

2. Saves time and labor. No bother to open and close keys, or change sprinklers site.

3. The water is distributed evenly, thanks to the sprinklers and well-regulated and fixed diffusers.

4. May be watered at night or at dawn. At this time there is less wind, the grass will like best since it's so hot, less water is lost by evaporation and there is more pressure on the network.

5. Automatic irrigation is suitable for all types of issuers: sprinklers, sprays, dripping, oozing tapes, micro and underground irrigation.
Irrigation Equipment HighTek facilities that offers you:

• Programmer

The programmer does is give the orders of opening and closing valves. It tells the day of the week there and how long to water each watering.

• Solenoid

They open and close when the developer gives the order. Eg. Which is open to 7'00 pm and is closed to 7'20 hours. Just.

• Cables

Connect to the controller. They should be double or triple protection against moisture. Because of its low voltage (24V), are not dangerous and do not need to put them in a tube, it can be buried next to the irrigation pipes.

• Boxes

They are the valves. They are usually plastic and is capable of single or multiple valves.

• Pipes Polyethylene (PE) or PVC

For irrigation, it is best to use polyethylene pipes (PE). PVC is much more uncomfortable to work. In the case of PVC joints are made with a special glue. The PE pipe and fittings are screwed fast.

• Parts

- Elbows
- Tees
- Links
- Reductions, etc. ..

• Pressure reducer.

Drip irrigation, it is often necessary to reduce the power of water. It can be done with a simple key or a device called a pressure reducer. There are complex models for large installations and some very simple, like the one pictured.

• irrigation emitters

- Sprinklers
- Sprays
- Pipes Drip
- Strips of exudation
- Underground irrigation
- Microsprinklers

If pop-up sprinklers or nozzles do not drop after running is by dirt on the piston. And wash the plunger removed.

Indicates where they are in the lawn sprinklers and emerging broadcasters to not interfere with the mower.

If you miss the water when not have to, clean sand or stone remains of the valves because the board of the membrane is blocked.

The micro-sprinkler irrigation system is ideal for flower beds, roses, small areas, etc.

If there are long-lasting puddles when it rains, water less, give the land slopes, provides sand and install a drainage pipe network.