Instalaciones piscinas

Pool Maintenance

We specialize in pool maintenance due to very strict requirements, our maintenance work is usually as follows:

PH regulation.
Maintenance of filtration units.

Filtration equipment

The boom of the pool in our country, encouraged by the strong development of tourism, second homes and leisure in general, has generated growing needs of a specific technology of water filtration and recirculation. The market demand for efficient equipment, versatile and cost-effective, able to create value and competitiveness. Therefore we have chosen two brands of filtration equipment specialists ESPA and Grundfos.

As for lighting issues we chose the technology that has revolutionized the market due to its low energy consumption and high reliability, LED lighting surprising because of its long life and little need to be changing the lighting in our pools in short all is well have advantages because of the color changing schedule.
air conditioning

The climate of our pools use an automated system by heat pumps installed and perfected by our qualified staff.
Materials we work with

Seafaring or removable ladders

It is desirable that they be stainless steel have a longer life.


Is an accessory that works with the mixture of water and air, which allows the possibility of receiving water as bubbles with greater pressure than would provide a typical return. It is used primarily for relaxation and as an alternative tub in the same pool.

Switch Filters

It consists of a cut-off switch and operation type timer / timer to turn on and off the filter system without having to do it personally.