Install transformers of low and medium voltage with guaranteed security and good work.

What is a transformer?

The transformer is a device that converts alternating electrical power medium voltage AC power into low voltage, through the action of a magnetic field. It consists of two or more coils of conductive material, electrically isolated from each other usually wrapped around the same core of ferromagnetic material. The only connection between the coils of the magnetic flux is common to set the core.

Transformers are devices based on the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction and is composed in its simplest form, two coils wound on a closed core of soft iron or silicon iron. The coils or windings are called primary and secondary as applicable at the entrance or exit the system in question, respectively. There are also more windings transformers in this case, there may be a winding "tertiary" lower voltage than the secondary.

How to measure and have visual impact?

The measures will vary according to demand and provide our clients, we try to find the perfect transformer for each case. The visual impact is something that does not worry us because in ibiza style and all that goes with the aesthetic influences us. Our transformers are exquisitely almost perfect.